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Most are familiar with the sports terminology "Breaking the Trap." Our tagline is more than just a sports term, it's a vehicle designed to bridge the gap between athletics and everyday life.

GRS Pro promotes the importance of education, through our sports apparel. We strive and encourage children and young adults to be well-rounded-creative individuals. No one should sacrifice his or her education for the sheer pleasure of sports. Through our philosophy we aim to inspire the minds of youth the significance of education. Our apparel illustrates the importance of teamwork, discipline, structure, and life values. We believe in the key concept, that education should always be a top priority. GRS PRO products are high quality, creatively designed apparel for youth, young adults, coaches, parents, and sports fans. You never know how high in the sky your sports aspiration will take you, but with an education, you will always have a soft ground to land on.